What is Title X (ten)?

Title X (ten) is a national family planning program providing high-quality and cost-effective family planning and related preventive health services for women, men and adolescents. Family planning centers play a critical role in ensuring access to voluntary family planning information and services for their clients based on their ability to pay. Clinics provide reproductive and sexual health care and education to individuals seeking to prevent pregnancy or to achieve pregnancy, to get checked for infections and to exercise personal choice in the timing and spacing of children. In Wyoming, the Title X Family Planning Program is administered by the Wyoming Health Council. Non-Title X family planning services are available at some public health offices.

What services are available?

Title X services for anyone who requests them include:

Assessment of the client's reproductive life plan. What are your goals about becoming pregnant?
Contraceptive/birth control services
Pregnancy testing and counseling
Achieving pregnancy
Basic infertility services
Preconception health such as screening for smoking, obesity and mental health
Sexually transmitted disease services such as HIV/AIDS testing, gonorrhea and chlamydia screening
Other preventive health services, such as breast and cervical cancer screening

If I am a teenager, do I need my parents' permission to get services?

Under Title X guidelines, teenagers do not need their parents' permission to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases and related health care, including contraception. Staff at Title X clinics will encourage minors to talk with their parents or other trusted adults about their thoughts and feelings about birth control and their visit to a family planning clinic.

How much does it cost to go to a family planning clinic?

The amount you pay for services and supplies depends on your income. All clinics have a sliding fee scale, but nobody may be denied services because they are not able to pay.

How do I make an appointment?

You may call the clinic site nearest you and friendly staff will help you make an appointment.