Family Planning

At our Title X family planning clinics, you can get help putting your own Reproductive Life Plan into action. We help you consider your health, educational, career, financial, and relationship goals while thinking about if, when, and how many children you'd like to have. Our experienced staff and clinicians will provide you with education and information to help you make informed choices based on your reproductive life plan. Wyoming Title X clinics provide comprehensive, high-quality family planning and reproductive health services for all adults and adolescents!

All of our services are provided on a voluntary basis with your choice guiding your care.

We help you with preconception care, to help you stay healthy in order to have a healthy pregnancy and child birth if and when you are ready. We also offer basic infertility services.

If you'd like to prevent pregnancy until you're ready to have children, we offer information about the types of birth control to help you choose the method that is the best fit for you and provide you with birth control. The Wyoming Health Council aims to provide information and assist you in accessing the health care you need to exercise personal choice in the number and spacing of children.

At every visit, the client will also have an opportunity to talk to a health care professional about their health concerns, including but not limited to:

· Pregnancy testing

· Mammograms

· Blood Pressure

· Weight reduction

· Hemoglobin testing,

· Immunizations

· Smoking cessation

· Substance abuse and high-risk behaviors

By law, (Wyoming) Title X Clinics do not perform, promote, refer for, support or fund abortion as a method of family planning. Clients requesting information on pregnancy options receive nondirective counseling on all legal options, including prenatal care, adoption and abortion.