Carrying Out Our Mission For You In Our Title X Clinics

What should you expect if you decide to visit a Title X Clinic?

High Quality Care

Our clinical Title X services are provided under the direction of a medical doctor with experience in family planning. You will receive care that is based on clinical best practices and national health guidelines by trained nurses and educators. WHC provides ongoing clinical guidance and training for our Title X clinics to ensure you get the best care possible.

Comprehensive/Holistic Wellness

Comprehensive/Holistic Wellness

Title X clinics provide contraceptive education and counseling, a broad range of medically approved and effective forms of birth control; Sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention, education, testing, and treatment; Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention, education, testing, and referral to care; breast and cervical cancer screening; basic infertility services; health and wellness care and services to prepare for achieving healthy pregnancy when ready; screening and referrals for other social and health conditions.

If you'd like to prevent pregnancy until you're ready to have children, we offer information about the types of birth control to help you choose the method that is the best fit for you and provide you with birth control.

We help you with preconception care, to help you stay healthy in order to have a healthy pregnancy and child birth if and when you are ready. We also offer basic infertility services.

Informed Choice

At our family planning clinics, you can get help putting your own Reproductive Life Plan into action. We help you consider your health, educational, career, financial, and relationship goals while thinking about if, when, and how many children you'd like to have. Our experienced staff and clinicians will provide you with education and information to help you make informed choices based on your reproductive life plan. All of our services are provided on a voluntary basis with your choice guiding your care.


What you discuss with your health care provider is confidential. When you visit a Title X clinic, your care is provided in a confidential manner that respects your dignity and rights to confidentiality and privacy. You will have an opportunity to read and sign a consent that outlines confidentiality and privacy practices. Teens, while we encourage your parents or guardians to be involved in your decisions to seek family planning, this is not required.

Community Collaboration

Title X clinics are a trusted members of health care networks in your community. When our clients have needs that could be met by another health or human services provider, we will work with you and that provider to help you get connected.


Title X helps prevent teen and unintended pregnancy, STDs, HIV, and complications from other health conditions. By basing your health care on your reproductive life plan and providing education and counseling, we can help prevent health conditions that could interfere with healthy pregnancies in the future.


At Title X clinics, people living with low incomes are our priority. Services are provided on a sliding fee scale based on the client's family size and income, and services are provided at no cost for people whose income and family size place them at 100% or below the Federal Poverty Level. For adolescent's, income level is based on the adolescent's income, not their parents' income.

Cultural Humility

Cultural humility means we respect your culture and treat all of our clients with respect and dignity. Title X services are provided for all who request them, honoring client diversity.


Title X clinics empower our clients to make their own choices about their own reproductive life plans. We empower people with low incomes to be able to make these choices at low or no cost. Having this care and informed choice offers adults and adolescents more opportunities to pursue their own goals for education, careers, healthy relationships, and choosing when, if, and how many children they want to have, and helps them stay healthy so having healthy pregnancies is possible.