Birth Control, also known as contraception, prevents you from becoming pregnant when you are not ready. It can help individuals seeking to prevent pregnancy, or to achieve pregnancy, exercise personal choice in the timing and spacing of children.

Birth Control Method Options

Barrier Methods

Male Condom
Female Condom (internal)

Hormonal Methods

Birth Control Shot
Vaginal Ring
Emergency Contraception Plan B

There are many birth control options available today but not all of them are equally beneficial for everybody. Their effectiveness, side effects, cost and ability to prevent HIV/AIDS and STDs also vary.

When deciding on a birth control method, there are some important factors to consider. These factors include your medical history, current health status, age, frequency of sexual activity and lifestyle. For an informed decision on your birth control method, please contact one of our family planning clinics. Based on medical tests and examination conducted there, you can decide which method is most suitable for your needs. In addition, the health care providers at the clinics can give you instructions on how to use a particular method, counseling and birth control supplies.

By law, (Wyoming) Title X Clinics do not perform, promote, refer for, support or fund abortion as a method of family planning. Clients requesting information on pregnancy options receive nondirective counseling on all legal options, including prenatal care, adoption and abortion.