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The national family planning program, Title X (ten) of the Public Health Service Act, was established in 1970 with broad bi-partisan support. The original measure was introduced by then Representatives James Scheuer (D-NY) and George Bush (R-TX), and Senators Joseph Tydings (D-MD) and Charles Percy (R-IL). Title X is administered within the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Public Health and Science, Office of Population Affairs (OPA) by the Office of Family Planning.

The program provides federal funds for project grants to public and private nonprofit organizations for the provision of family planning information, birth control methods and services which:
- improve maternal and infant health
- lower the incidence of  unintended pregnancy
- reduce the need for abortion
- lower rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
- prevent infertility, and provide for the
- early detection of breast and cervical cancer


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